Company´s Quality Policy

Company management is aware that the quality of the work determines the welfare business, and that the firm's existence depends on customers to meet their requirements, their satisfaction with our services and goods, and on the trust, expressed us by their requirements.

Part of the quality policy is the satisfaction of our workers and owners of the company and fulfillment of all requirements of mandatory and statutory regulations.

To be able to always meet customer expectations, management accepts the following objectives for quality and food safety:
  • To offer and supply always a quality product, provide perfect services to the customers, strengthen our position of a reliable, trustworthy and solid partner in the market.
  • To focus the efforts of all our staff to work with perfect aim at continuous improvement of processes and activities undertaken.
  • Not only to meet the specified requirements and identified customer expectations, but also quickly respond to changes.
  • Quality must be planned already in the preparation stage of the contract with special focus on preventing mistakes.
  • To provide and monitor food and feed safety in all phases of the trade, i.e. purchase, storage and sale.
To meet these goals, company management takes following permanent commitments:
  • To maintain and continuously improve the management system of quality and food safety and to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2001 and ISO 22000.
  • Effectively motivate all staff of the company to adopt and understand all quality objectives, to assure that everyone has known its share, role, responsibility for achieving them, that everyone was interested in the consistent implementation of activities that are geared towards to established objectives and the quality of their work.
  • To organize planned training for all staff to the quality of the work and staff responsible for food and feed safety and to use appropriate means to support the initiative.
  • To supply customers only raw materials which are in accordance with food safety management system.
  • To provide resources and create suitable working and storage conditions to ensure food and feed safety.
  • To comply with all provisions of mandatory regulations, especially regulations for food and feed safety, occupational safety, hygiene and environment and other mandatory regulations.
  • Regularly to review documented procedures and their outcomes with regard to the quality of the work.
  • Permanently and appropriately to work with our suppliers, to apply a high demand on quality of supply in order to reliably and without adverse effects to meet contractual requirements and to establish close contacts with suppliers for mutual interests
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