Responsible Care

Program Responsible Care® is an initiative of the global chemical industry´s environmental, health and safety. 

This initiative also participate in individual companies of DONAUCHEM group, whose approach to safety and the environment is included in its vision: 

Safety, Environment and Quality - our fundamental values. In our plants and at our sites, a universal safety system geared to all matters of concern provides for the requisite protection of people and the environment.

DONAUCHEM Company s.r.o. as a member of the Association of Chemical Traders and Distributors CZ, a collective member of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic, joins the fulfillment of Responsible  Care® and undertakes to manage their activites to ensure not only a high level of protection of the health and safety of workers and the public and nature protection, but will also contribute to the sustainable development of the human society. 

We follow the following environmental policy: 

  1. In all activites comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements affecting the company´s activites.
  2. In all activites associated with implementation of products and services provided by the company to take measures to reduce waste, to reduce energy consumption. These policies are implemented especially when introducing new technologies.
  3. In the environmental area, focusing mainly on pollution prevention, notably through diligent planning of all activites and training of staff.
  4. Periodically educate and train all employess on requirements for environmental protection. 
  5. Ensure all workplaces, occupational safety, fire protection, efficiency activities and a friendly approach to the environment adn to minimize tho impact of its activities on the environment. 
  6. Legal and regulatory requirements relating to environmental protection incorporated into internal documentation specifying the responsibilities of individual employess and ensure their consistent adherence.
  7. When selecting suppliers of materials, goods and services to assess their eligibility with regard to environmental protection. 
  8. Inform public, stakeholders and employees on environmental policy and its implementation. 
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