Industries served

Donauchem in Czech republic focuses on the distribution of a large range of chemicals, applied in various industries like

  • Activated Carbon
    Activated Carbon

    Wide range of activities, supplies and services in connection with activated carbon for gas, air and water cleaning.

  • Automotive

    Ad Blue®, foam cleaners, ultra wax, windscreen wash, heavy duty products ...

  • Feed

    Microelements, vitamines, preservatives and nutraceuticals

  • Paints & Coatings
    Paints & Coatings

    Classic or new ecological solvents, commodity pigments, specialty resins and rheology modifiers.

  • Food, Cosmetics & Pharma
    Food, Cosmetics & Pharma

    Vitamines, antioxidants, preservatives, UV filters, intermediates ...

  • Galvanization

    Products for surface preparation technical, anti corrosion or decoration plating, surface passivation and top coating up to precious metals plating.

  • Construction

    Sealants, PU foams, adhesives ...

  • Chemistry

    Acids, lyes, metal salts, solvents, intermediates ...

  • Print

    Consumables for the printing industry ranging from nonwave cleaning textiles (POLYCROM), several cleaning agents to FOGRA approved formulations.

  • Water

    Iron (III) chloride (Donau Klar®), mixed produtcs (Donau PAC® and Donau ALF®) and polymer products from the Donau Multifloc range.

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