Surface Technology - Galvanization

Current market of surface treatment requires top, higly efficient products, working environmentaly friendly, which bring economical effect to their consumers.

To succesfully establish on such competitive market, our goal was to offer products of highest quality, developped and produced according to the last knowledge.

Such products are produced and supplied by Coventya, market leader in innovations and development of new processes bringing effect to the clients.

We can offer you wide range of Coventya products from surface preparation like pickling and degreasing, products for technical, anti corrosion or decoration plating, surface passivation and top coating up to precious metals plating.

Dedicated product managers provide regular contact as required by the customer, providing technical support and offering a swift and flexible response to customer needs. Besides of these specialties we offer also other commodities for surface treatment like metal anodes, salts, lyes and chemicals for water treatment.

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