Food, Cosmetics & Pharma

Assisting in the optimization of the production process, solving of customersproblems, the introduction of new concepts and new functional ingredients and the reliable supply of competitive commodities built our strong position among distributors of raw materials in food industry.

Thanks to our wide portfolio of products we can provide you with the taste, color, stability and the texture of your final product. Our suppliers are leading producers of vitamines, natural flavors, natural colorants, emulsifiers, stabilizers, as well as producers of artificial sweeteners, preservatives, amino acids and many other. products.

We are able to provide you with either single generic substances like Aspartame and Acesulfame-K, or with economic sweetener blends under our MasterSweet brand as well as with vitamine premixes from DSM premix range or tailor made premix just for your need.

We have in our portfolio also products for Pharma and Cosmetics like vitamines, antioxidants, preservatives, UV filters and intermediates.

We are ISO 22000 certified for System of management of food and feed safety.


Product Manager Food, Cosmetics & Pharma
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